Client Stories

It’s very hard to put into words the kind of thanks that resonates from your heart when you know that the same concerns you have are as important to someone else, and not only are they important but that they will fight for you and alongside you. I had lost everything and had not an extra cent to put towards their legal service. It didn’t matter to them. They love justice and humans and that’s how the story goes at SLOLAF. Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Resident

San Luis Obispo Resident

I am a senior resident of Atascadero and recently, I was involved in a fraudulent scam to reduce or pay-off the mortgage on my home. SLO Legal Assistance Foundation accepted the challenge of reclaiming my title from the Nevada company. The people who were responsible were arrested and jailed and through the efforts of SLO Legal Assistance Foundation and our court system, I regained the title to my home. Continue Reading Atascadero Resident

Atascadero Resident

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