2023 Donors

SLOLAF wishes to thank its generous donors of 2023

In addition to the donors below, SLOLAF’s Board Members give greatly of their time, expertise and support to ensure that SLOLAF’s legal programs, finances and the organization as a whole are healthy so we can continue to provide free legal services to low-income SLO County residents now and for years to come.   
From one of our donors: “I am so happy to be able to support such an amazing resource in our community.  I will continue to support them and encourage others to join me.”   ~ Karen Jones, Executive Director at Long Term Care Ombudsman Services of San Luis Obispo County
For donations to date in 2023, we thank: 

Frederick Law Firm

Brian & Diane Reynolds

Christian Iversen, Attorney at law

Kathleen & Gary Rubin

Leslie Brooks Rosen

Law Offices of Daniel J. O’Neill

Paradocs Inc. dba Central Coast Trust

Glenn Clark & Roseann Mulligan

Patrick Perry

Brian Stack

Linda Robertson

Wendy Wendt

Doug & Katie Hilton

Judith Propp

David & Sharon Juhnke

Dorothy Jones

Harold Johnson

Dan O’Hare & Natalie Tartaglia, in honor of Maggie O’Hare, future lawyer

Harvey & Evelyn Greenwald

Rick Derevan

W.A. Hazen

Cat & Zack Devlin

Meryl Perloff

Howard Fabrick

Edward Harris

Hall, Hieatt, Conelly & Bowen, LLP

Elaine Archer

Joel Diringer

Law Offices of Robert H. Mott

June French

Anne Herbert

Bonita Churney

Thomas Martin

Mitchel Terkildsen

The Marx Family Fund

George, Cyr & Christakos, Inc.

Susan Jamison

Suzan Boatman (In-Kind)

The Gregg Family Fund

The Dorf Family

James Ream

LBR Gray Chiropractic Corp

Halcyon Charitable Fund

Janice Fong Wolf

Donna Jones, in honor of the SLOLAF team

Tilman Elson Dodd

Faith & Wes Carlson

Stephen N. Dorsi & Phyllis B. Dorsi

Susan Rodriguez, State Farm Insurance (In-Kind)

Julie Moore

Gwen Watkins

Julia Guy

Amy Hewes

Linda Halisky

Carol MacCurdy

Madelyn Millholland

Mary Kay Harrington

Alicia Lara

Kathryn Rummell

Kathleen York

Colleen Rosenthal

Samantha Watkins

Cynthia Green

Suzan Boatman

Rendon Holloway, in honor of Lee Holloway

Jaron Kuhn

Howard Gillingham

Andrew Greensfelder

Jan & Steven Marx, in honor of Angie King

Kevin & Allison Gregg

Douglas J. Heumann

Michael J. Boyajian Law Offices (in kind)

Warren Jensen

William A. Herreras, Attorney at Law

Gary Rubin

Jimmy & Kendra Paulding