Access to Justice Advocate

Baltodano & Baltodano LLP

2017 Access to Justice Advocate Award Recipient

San Luis Obispo Legal Assistance Foundation (SLOLAF) is pleased to recognize Baltodano & Baltodano LLP a San Luis Obispo-based employment law firm dedicated to workers’ rights and social justice, as its 2017 Access to Justice Advocate award recipient.  SLOLAF relies on community support to fulfill its mission to deliver affordable legal services, and it is grateful for the generous support of Baltodano & Baltodano LLP.

Founded by husband and wife attorneys Erica Flores Baltodano and Hernaldo J. Baltodano in 2011, Baltodano & Baltodano LLP has been a shining example of what it means to support access to justice.  One of the firm’s core values is that everyone should, and must, have access to our nation’s system of justice and information regarding current employment rights and responsibilities.  To that end, nearly all Baltodano & Baltodano LLP cases are handled on a contingency basis, which ensures quality legal representation for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney.  In addition, since 2011, Baltodano & Baltodano LLP has made considerable donations to numerous local and state-wide charitable organizations and causes, including SLOLAF.

Baltodano & Baltodano LLP’s generous charitable giving is spearheaded by Managing Partner Erica Flores Baltodano who recently joined the SLOLAF Board of Directors.  Ms. Baltodano earned the prestigious Francine Diaz Memorial award for her steadfast commitment to public interest law upon graduating from UC Berkeley School of Law and then served underrepresented communities for over a decade in the non-profit legal sector before co-founding Baltodano & Baltodano LLP six years ago.  SLOLAF Executive Director Stephanie Barclay said “We are fortunate to have Ms. Baltodano and her compassionate commitment to justice and hands-on experience with non-profit management on the SLOLAF Board.”

Since 1992, SLOLAF has developed programs in San Luis Obispo County that provide and promote free legal-aid services, assistance in self-representation, and conflict resolution for low and moderate-income individuals.  Currently, SLOLAF serves seniors and veterans and hopes to provide family law services soon.

Baltodano & Baltodano LLP will be presented with the Access to Justice Advocate award at SLOLAF’s 4th Annual Fundraiser, Havana Nights, taking place September 9, 2017, in San Luis Obispo.  “Baltodano & Baltodano LLP is truly honored to receive the Access to Justice Advocate Award and I am delighted to serve on SLOLAF’s Board of Directors,” Ms. Baltodano said.  “I hope others will join my firm in supporting access to justice in San Luis Obispo County by purchasing journal ads, tables, or individual tickets to attend Havana Nights or by visiting to make an online tax-deductible donation to SLOLAF.” For more information about Havana Night or to make a donation.